Garden Montessori School

1318 Nagel Road, Cincinnati, OH 45255. 513-474-4933

Our School

Learning isn't something that begins and ends in a classroom. Education is spread across a lifetime. Garden Montessori School builds foundations for a lifetime of learning. Garden Montessori School is a place for a child to develop self-confidence and independence. A place where curiosity, concentration, and responsibility are nurtured. Where an outstanding group of of Montessori teachers make joy and enthusiasm everyday fare

Garden Montessori School offers a full range of education and childcare for children between the ages of 2.5 and 6 years of age.  We also provide before and after school care for our families that need it. 

Based on the Montessori philosophy, Garden Montessori School is designed to give each child a structured environment where he can develop at his own pace. By working with his world, a child has real-life experiences that lead to abstract understanding. Creative materials like sandpaper letters and numbers make fundamentals clear and graspable. Practical life projects help him understand himself and others, learn self-control and consideration. Adventures with art, music, history, science, and geography offer the excitement of exploration and discovery.

Beyond the Montessori classroom children enjoy "In-house Field Trips" with Mother's Nature, School House Symphony, the Hamilton County Parks, and other visitors. Children also have Spanish, music, and nature lessons. Stretch-n-Grow classes are conducted weekly for all children and Dancing Stars classes are available once a week for interested families.

Parents are encouraged to be active and engaged with our school. Family picnics, parent meetings, cultural presentations, and parent teacher conferences offer opportunities to meet other parents and children through out the school year.

At Garden Montessori School, a child learns the joy of education that lasts a lifetime. For more information, or if you have any questions or comments, please view the rest of this website or contact the director.